About Our Tortillas

Nacho Madre’s makes tortillas that are healthy, gluten free, and that actually taste good. We wanted to make something that was delicious and tasted like a classic flour tortilla, but without the gluten. That is how we created our tasty tortillas!

Our flour tortillas are gluten free, non-GMO, soy free, all natural, and delicious. With five different flavors, you will be able to find a tortilla to add to every meal! Try them all today to find your favorite!

Our flavors:

Our tortillas are made simply, with all natural ingredients. Our original tortilla flavor is made with gluten-free flour, organic chicken stock, avocado oil, egg, and sea salt. That is all! Do you want to know what ingredients are in our other tortilla flavors? Just take a look!

Hot Sauce Infused

  • Hot sauce

    Roasted Garlic & Red Pepper

    • Lime juice
    • Crushed red pepper
    • Garlic
    • Olive oil
    • Cumin

    Southwest Lime & Cilantro

    • Lime juice
    • Lime zest
    • Seasoning

        Plain Vegetarian

        • Same as the original flavors but substitutes the chicken stock with water!

         Our gluten free tortillas really are that simple, and still delicious!


        Because we at Nacho Madre’s Inc. strive to use only the freshest ingredients in our gluten-free flour tortillas, they are always preservative free, so we recommend refrigerating/freezing your tortillas when you receive them. Our tortillas have a six-week refrigeration life, but we know they will be eaten long before the six weeks because our delicious tortillas are truly the key to gluten free eating! Enjoy!


        All of our gluten free tortillas can be heated using the following methods:

        1. Best way is to use steam. Put in a microwave container or plastic bag and add a damp paper towel; microwave for about 20-30 seconds.
        2. On a skillet
        3. On an open flame  

        We hope you love our tortillas as much as we do. Be sure to try them all to enjoy something tasty AND gluten free! Contact us today with any questions.