Letter from our CEO

My name is Laura O’Neal. I am the President, CEO and creator of our gluten free flour tortilla products. The reason I created Nacho Madre’s Inc. is because I suffer from wheat intolerance. I suffered from a number of ailments including hives, rash, abdominal pains, and neuro problems. I suffered for years with no answers to all of my ailments. 

Finally, a doctor suggested doing an allergy test. The test results were positive for a wheat allergy. My body showed a high allergic reaction, which meant a diet void of all wheat products. It was a very sad day for me. I loved wheat!! But it was evident that I would have to eliminate wheat from my diet, so that I would no longer suffer from the fore mentioned ailments. I had no choice. I would rather feel better than suffer. I began to slowly change my diet with a great deal of difficulty. The change was difficult but I did it.

Accepting my fate I tried to eat the gluten-free flour tortillas that were on the market but they fell short of the desired taste of a traditional flour tortilla. Having knowledge of baking from owning a commercial bakery and using my science background I decided to tinker with my own recipe. I spent a few years trying different ingredients. After several attempts I finally created a recipe that I felt surpassed all my past recipes. I felt overjoyed to have created a product that actually tasted good despite being gluten free. Combining natural and organic ingredients I was able to create a flour tortilla that tasted most like an authentic wheat enriched flour tortilla.

I must add I was never alone with my creations my friends and family helped in the process. Their continued enthusiasm set in motion the creation of Nacho Madre’s Inc. My husband cleverly came up with the name.  While brainstorming with my husband for a name my thought was, “I want it to be a name that says it is authentic but not exactly like your mother’s.” That is when he laughed and said, “Na-CHO Madre’s, we both laughed and said, “That is it….Nacho Madre’s, and Nacho Madre’s Inc. was born.
We hope you enjoy our product as much as we enjoy making it!” 

We urge you try our product and compare it. We are confident that you will love the artisan touch and the authenticity of what we feel is truly the KEY TO GLUTEN FREE!

Thank you,
Laura O’Neal, President, CEO
Michael O’Neal, Vice President &
The Whole Nacho Madre’s Team